Let’s consider the facts. According to the Startup Genome Report, 92% of all startups fail.  We built the bench to deliver those 20% of professionals that deliver 80% of the results.


    There is a science and a process in identifying A players….we live this process and we run it to your gain.

    What We Do

    Thebench specializes in connecting leading-edge companies with exceptional talent. We work with clients ranging from fresh startups to some of the most established brands in the United States. Whether you’re looking for short-term project expertise or full-time employees, we hit the ground running, ready to meet your needs.


    We spend time with our clients. We listen, observe and ask questions because we know a successful engagement starts with TheBench understanding their business and culture. We have longstanding relationships across all levels and technology sectors from Maine to San Francisco. We know the rock stars, but we also take the time to cultivate relationships with emerging talent. 


    Who should we hire? People who make companies perform better. Find out why a entrepreneur (and rocket scientist) wanted to make sure he had a gender-balanced leadership team from the beginning of his start up. It’s not about diversity, it’s about building great products.

  • Full Spectrum Service

      Our approach, experience, and technology have generated over $300 million in the start up space in the past year alone.

      Defining Job Requirements:

      This task is rooted in our deep understanding of clients’ business, needs and culture; well-considered requirements include not only a job for today, but a fit for tomorrow.


      Our expertise ensures you get highly targeted outreach to potential best-fit candidates based on business alignment, not buzzwords or titles.

      Evaluating and Matching Candidates:

      We pride ourselves on a novel approach to candidate profiling and matching to client needs using our kit of effective evaluation techniques and tools.

      Managing the Process:

      We use a collaborative process for interviewing, bringing clients and best-fit talent together towards hiring. We go the full nine yards with you, providing advisement and execution during the final negotiation process.

      Managing Ongoing Relationships:

      We ensure smooth transition as your company takes the recruitment process on internally, offering multiple touch points with your Hiring Manager and the new talent.


      We take the time to understand your internal process for the HR on boarding and provide solutions that make everyones jobs easier to run and more organized. 

    • Do you have the next great innovation in the start-up technology space?

      We at the bench believe in a focused defined approach for start ups at the ground floor level and have a system to help define three very important pillars of a successful start up. These three pillars are a Start ups Value proposition, Defined and Identified customer and Critical talent need.


      Your product is not who you are as a company. You must define the value you bring, who your customer is and who can take you there. We work with startups across a number industries to define the bullseye and then supply the talent.  

    • Core values

      Let's grow together.


      We believe in defining things the way they are and not what we wish they were.


      Your goals become ours, and we are committed to achieving those goals.  

    • We can call you.

      We are here to answer your questions and help you move forward in your career. We care about your time and want to make sure that we are available for you. Below is the link to schedule a call with one of our business strategist. 

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    • Meet some of our team

      Lets build your dream team, with ours.

      Barry Griffith

      Founder, Thebench.io

      A seasoned healthcare executive with 25+ years of experience working solely with early stage and start - up medical device and diagnostic companies. Involved in the introduction of novel medical devices in the Orthopedic, Vascular, Neurological, Cancer and Molecular Diagnostics markets. Left the corporate ranks in 2010 to form “TheBench.io,” an executive search firm and consultancy based in Newport Beach Ca. TheBench.io focuses solely on transitioning influencers and the top 10% of Medical Device, Biotech and Pharma sales and marketing professionals into the Personalized and Precision Medical movement. You know the "What" and
      "Why" of your business, we give you the "Who".

      Josh Raley

      COO, Thebench.io

      Entrepreneur and business analysts with experience raising capital, developing products, and taking them to market. Proven track record providing industry, market, and financial analysis to establish pricing and company valuation. Enjoy working with startups and established companies to build relationships, manage change, and launch new processes.

      - Connected life science startups with industry leading executives from Johnson & Johnson, UBS Bank’s Global Healthcare Group, Advent Ventures, Mercury Fund, and Eli Lilly
      - Provided industry and financial analysis, enabling 7 clients to raise over $800,000 in capital
      - Analyzed customers, competitors, and value propositions to help clients build sales processes, set pricing, and establish company valuations
      - Organized workshops and first ever annual conference to attract industry leaders, VCs, and startups from seven states

      Brian Doughty

      CEO, Thebench.io

      Life Sciences and BioTech commercial expert. Experience leading large public companies (Johnson & Johnson, Medtronic) and start-ups (FoxHollow, EKOS, Cardiovascular Systems Inc.).
      Special expertise and interest in deep market emersion to understand and create:
      - value proposition and messaging
      - sales process and tools (creating for new companies/products and services AND troubleshooting
      existing sales force and processes to find and correct root causes of underperformance).
      - leveraging and/or creating clinical data to support the sales process
      - inspiring and motivating the sales and marketing team
      Sales Training and Motivation to derive maximum sales force productivity is a particular skill set I find fun and rewarding to bring to organizations.

      Bridget Boe

      Executive VP of Human Resources, Thebench.io

      Bridget Boe is a Human Resource professional with broad experience in several healthcare industries. She joins TheBench from UTC Laboratories where she works in the Human Resources Department as the Director of HR. She also has consulted and worked as the HR Director for Louisiana Pain Specialists throughout the last couple of months. Ms. Boe began her HR experience at Wound Care Specialists as the HR and Credentialing Assistant where she grew into the role of HR and Payroll Manager. Most of the companies she has been employed with were start-up companies where she worked with her team to develop the HR Department form the ground up. Before she started her career in HR, Bridget was a Staff Accountant with Kushner LaGraize.

      Ms. Boe received a Bachelor of Science in Accounting and Bachelor of Arts in Small Business Management from Southeastern Louisiana University while involved in several groups throughout the campus. Bridget was born and raised in LaPlace, Louisiana, but is now a resident of New Orleans, Louisiana.

      “I truly enjoy being in Human Resources. I have had the opportunity to meet many different people on a daily basis that have impacted me professionally in many ways. With the experience I have gained, I hope I can also impact someone’s life in a positive way by providing them a job opportunity and guidance on their next adventure.” Bridget Boe

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